The Artists Shed Story – so far



The original Artists Shed began in the back blocks of Queanbeyan, where Margaret Hadfield and Dennis Mortimer had their studio spaces. They combined ideas and constructed a unique rustic gallery space for their own work and others. Mal Motum (the Colonel) proved a strong supporter of the ‘Shed’ helping with many aspects (even though not an artist). There were monthly exhibitions from the infamous ‘Shed Nudes’ to a Major Japanese art project, supported by Queanbeyan Council. There was a unity in the passion for the arts.

Tim Keeble made a indelible mark on the ‘Shed’ by bringing talented musicians with regular wonderful performances. Sadly, Tim died suddenly and all who knew him continue to mourn him.

 The building was sold and Artists Shed ended as such. Dennis has a studio in industrial Queanbeyan which is ‘The Bunker’, where he continues classes and a ‘underground’ music venue.



Margaret also continued her art practice, gaining many significant commissions, was offered the current location by the Terzi family. Working on a typically minimalist budget and no government support, aided by determination, hard work and her circle of friends, a new  Artists Shed was born in 2019. Discarded doors were used for walls. The concept of recycling and upcycling became the underlying theme of the Artists Shed. 

Margaret won the Gallipoli Art prize 2006 and has 25 or more works in her Gallipoli Series. Some of these emotive works have been exhibited in Europe and are now a permanent display in the Artists Shed.

 The ‘Shed’ has an extensive art school program with tutors covering a variety of mediums.

The creativity is again now extended to music performances and a Wine Bar. There is enormous pride in being able to survive in the commercial world with supportive friends and a strong community spirit.